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Natural Supplements

Nature's Happiness proudly supplies premium quality, whole food, organic, and natural supplements.

Bee Products

Bee products are touted as being "nature's perfect food". Bee pollen, pollen powder and honey are an alkaline whole food, packed with minerals, antioxidants, micro-nutrients, trace elements and digestive enzymes. Consuming bee products is a great way to balance an over acidic system. 

Bee pollen granules and powder have a sweet, nutty flavor, they add incredible flavor and texture when added to smoothies, shakes, desserts and even sprinkled on food. Bee pollen is very good source of protein, about 20-40%. It can rapidly pass directly into the blood from stomach in about 2 hours after ingesting. Bee pollen contains 18-22 amino acids including tryptophan, lysine and methionine.  Amino acids nourish the brain, protect the body against disease, and play a critical role in metabolizing nutrients.  Bee pollen also has an expansive array of Vitamin B complexes, Vitamins A, C, and E.

Pure, Raw Honey has a long history. The ancient Egyptians not only made offerings of honey to their gods (in the form of baked honey cakes), they also used it as an ingredient in embalming fluid and a wound dressing. Today, many people swarm to honey for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and first aid treatment for burns and cuts. Holistic practitioners consider it one of nature's best all-around remedies, aiding with sore throats, congestion, digestive issues, skin problems and more.

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