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Natural Supplements

Nature's Happiness proudly supplies premium quality, whole food, organic, and natural supplements.

Incorporating superfood powders into your diet doesn't get any easier than when added to smoothies and shakes. You can customize each smoothie you make to compliment the superfoods you're adding, or simply disguise the flavors you aren't crazy about. Try some of our tested recipes and let us know what you think!


Good Morning Super Smoothie

1 Banana
T Lemon juice
1 c. pineapple
2 T Honey
1 c. almond milk
1 orange
1 c. ice
pinch turmeric powder
1 t. bee pollen powder
1 t. camu camu powder
1/4 c. goji berries
1/2" fresh ginger
1 handful of Kale
pinch Himalayan Salt

Dice all veggies small and quarter or half the grape tomatoes. Toss all together in a mixing bowl with the juice and zest of lime, and plenty of salt and pepper to taste. Adore!

Stuff all ingredients into a high powdered blender and puree until smooth. Garnish with lemon and goji berries. Serves 2

Berry Beneficial Smoothie

1/2 c. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries
1 c. Almond milk
1/2 c. flax
1 c. spinach
Tbsp acai
Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 c. goji berries
tsp camu camu
1 c. ice
pinch Himalayan Sea Salt
1/2 c. honey
1/4 c. almonds
2 tsp hemp seeds

Stuff all ingredients into high powered blender or Vita-Mix, and puree until smooth and creamy. Enjoy this wonderfully healthy smoothie!

Serves 2

Cafe Maca
Energizing Iced Coffee Drink

1 c. coffee
1/2 c. almond milk, ice cubes
1 t. maca powder
1 T cacao powder
1 t. flax

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy on a hot summers day!

Single Serving. Double for 2

Banana Peach Superfood Smoothie

2 peaches
1 banana
1 t. maca powder
1/2 t. noni powder
1 t. stevia leaf powder
1 T Honey
pinch Himalayan Salt
1 c. nut milk ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a vita-mix or high powered blender!
Serves 2-4 (depending on how much you want)

If you want to pack some more nutrition in this smoothie you can add a cup or so of your favorite greens like spinach, kale, collard greens or chard.

Peach Citrus Smoothie

1 peach
1 orange
juice of 1 lemon
pinch turmeric powder
t. camu camu
1/2 t. maca powder
1 T hemp seeds
2 T honey
1 c. almond milk
pinch Himalayan sea salt
1 c. ice

Combine all ingredients into Vita-mix or high powered blender, puree until smooth and creamy. This is so tasty and your kids will love it too. Add a couple of tablespoons of already hydrated chia seeds, for a great texture.

Heart Healthy Smoothie
Antioxidant Rich

1/2 pomegranate - seeded
1/4 c. raspberries
1/4 c. goji berries
1/4 c. frozen cherries
1 c. nut milk
1 t. lemon
pinch himalayan sea salt
t. maca powder
t. bee pollen powder
t. camu camu powder
T hemp seeds
t. reishi mushroom powder
T coconut palm sugar
T agave nectar or honey
2 c. ice

Seed half of a pomegranate and add all ingredients to a high powered blender and puree until smooth. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and hemp seeds.

This smoothie is packed with Vitamins, Enzymes, Amino acids and contains high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants offering protection against heart disease and cancer. It also contains compounds called punicalagins, shown to benefit heart and blood vessels.

Berry Banana Smoothie
Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C

1 handful of Kale
1 C. mixed berries
1 banana
1/2 C. soaked goji berries
1 tsp. camu camu
1/2 tsp. bee pollen powder
1/4 tsp stevia powder
1/2 inch peeled ginger cube
pinch of Himalayan sea salt
1 C. coconut water
1/2 C. ice

So easy, throw everything into a Vita mix or Blender and puree until smooth and creamy. You can add extra coconut water and/or ice for desired consistency

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