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Nature's Happiness proudly supplies premium quality, whole food, organic, and natural supplements.

Cacao & Vanilla

Raw cacao also contains many important Vitamins and Minerals, including calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, manganese, protein, fiber and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C and E. It also contains chromium, phosphorus, Omega-6 fatty acids, saturated fat, amino acids, soluble fiber and enzymes.  It has heart healthy fat: oleic and monounsaturated fat.  Some of the benefits of cacao range from reducing cataracts to improving heart function to alleviate stress.  Theobromine found in cacao is naturally a mild, non-addictive, stimulant that some believe can treat depression.  It may cause the brain to produce more of a neurotransmitter calledanandamide, which would account for the euphoric sensation some feel when indulging in chocolate. 

Vanilla beans can be used to flavor culinary creations and their rich scent can also calm the nerves and excite the senses. Vanilla is mainly used to add a robust flavor to many food recipes, beverages and medicines.  It's now also used as a fragrance in many perfumes and other scented products such as candles, incense and air fresheners. Medicinally, Vanilla has been used to decrease anxiety, reduce nervousness, overcome nausea, promote and stimulate sexual arousal, and reduce food cravings. Vanilla beans are native to tropical areas, and have been cultivated for their flavor and healing properties.  It’s considered to be a sacred plant to the Totonaca people of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, who were the first people to cultivate vanilla.  

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