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Natural Supplements

Nature's Happiness proudly supplies premium quality, whole food, organic, and natural supplements.

We supply organic, traditional yerba mate and yerba mate blends by Oregon Yerba Mate. They carefully formulate each of their fair-trade blends with care and intention in order to bring the best tasting yerba mate on the market, with ultimate health and healing benefits. Yerba Mate is an energizing tea grown in South America, known for its potency and ability to promote vitality, clarity, and well-being to those who drink this rich, robust beverage. 

Organic Yerba Mate contains nearly 200 active chemical compounds, including numerous vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids. Yerba Mate contains a lot less caffeine than coffee (about half), and does have xanthine’s, theobromine and theophylline. These are stimulants without any side effects like jitters, upset stomach, and stress or anxiety. Yerba Mate is a great substitute for your morning coffee drink, but also a great addition to your daily diet.

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