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100% Organic Stellar Brew Whole Bean Coffee, 2 lb Whole Bean & Ground

Organic Coffee Stellar Brew Whole Bean

100% Organic Stellar Brew Whole Bean & Ground Coffee, 2 Pound

The Organic Coffee Co.

The Stellar Brew is a strong, full bodied, medium roast coffee. This regular roast brew is 100% organic with a delicious smoky and slightly sweet flavor.

These coffee beans have been certified "USDA Organic" by OCIA. This means they're grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Please note that while all Rogers Coffee is Responsibly Grown on bio-diverse shade-grown farms, our Organic Coffee Co. brand features only coffee whose farms that have specifically become organic certified.

Organic Coffee Stellar Brew

Organic Certification

To obtain organic coffee certification, coffee farmers must use only natural, non-toxic fertilizers and pest management techniques on their farms.

The Organic Coffee Co. proudly grows their our own coffee on beautiful, bio-diverse, organic coffee farms. They are all 100% organic coffee farms in several countries. In 1999, they made a commitment to their longstanding philosophy blending sustainable coffee cultivation and social responsibility.

"Shade Grown Coffee" is a way of growing coffee in concert with nature. They plant their coffee trees in and among a forest canopy of native trees rather than in full sun. The yield on each tree is lower since there is not as much sun. However, the quality of the coffee is much better.

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