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How to Get Carbs Without Grains

How to Get Carbs Without Grains

Despite what some may believe, carbohydrates are not all bad yet they are still not all created equal. Carbs give our cells energy that quickly burns and helps fight off stress. Our bodies need carbohydrates to properly function. Carbs come in many ways and it is important that you are consuming the right kind of carbs. Things like flour and potato chips are considered refined, highly processed and artificial carbohydrates which is pretty much sugar and empty calories, those you want to avoid.

Best carbs for your body

Whole and fiber filled foods are going to be your best bet when choosing the right kind of carbs to eat. Consuming fiber can delay the breakdown of starches which then helps your blood sugar stay on a more even track. By doing so, our bodies will be less likely to store fat and it will lessen spikes in insulin (insulin helps store fat in the body). That being said, you want to stay away from foods that contain high sugar or starch. The more sugar or starch the food contains, the more insulin your body will need to fight it.
It is important to choose things like unprocessed rye, barely, brown rice, etc. In many processed grains fiber, bran and germ have been taken out which means they have little nutrients and are just loaded with sugars and starches that will spike blood sugar. Avoid anything that says it’s “enriched”.

How to get carbs without grains for a healthy diet

For those of us who happen to be sensitive to grains, these foods contain plenty of healthy carbohydrates and loads of healthy nutrients. Stick to these healthy plant-based foods and avoid the high sugar, starchy and processed carbs like bagels, cookies, croissants, etc.


Instead of eating pastas and rice consider eating beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. These foods are rich in long lasting carbohydrate energy, fiber and protein. They are also loaded with essential minerals like copper and iron.


Nuts, especially pistachios and chestnuts are a wonderful choice for healthy carbohydrates. They are rich in nourishing fats and contain 10.5 and 5.8 grams of net carbs. Add them to smoothies or mix them in with your salads for a little extra nutrients and carbohydrates/.


Root vegetables like onioms, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, and beets are all packed with nourishing carb which helps break down starches. Plus, they are high in fiber which will keep you full longer.


Cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts are bring in a good amount energy and are loaded with healthy fiber.


Quinoa, amaranth and millet are all high in carbohydrates. They offer more protein and omega fatty acids than any other grain, as well as many other nutrients. They also offer a great amount of energy to the body.

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