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Protect your health by cleaning your refrigerator

Protect your health by cleaning your refrigerator.

Where You Buy Your Food And How You Organize Your Fridge Can Contribute Better Health.

Any bacteria, parasite, or virus can move inside your refrigerator and cause food poisoning. Foods that are contaminated or left far back in your fridge for a long time could possibly make you sick as well.

Sometimes it’s not all about just keeping a clean fridge but also buying good high quality foods. For example, if bacteria and other pathogens are found in animal feeding operations (CAFOs), then they can make their way into your refrigerator shelves. Did you know? 66% of broiler chickens bought from CAFO, a brand often found in supermarkets, contained campylobacter and/or salmonella. Also, keep certain foods organized to prevent cross-contamination and make sure to always throw out bad and expired foods.

Ways To Improve Refrigerator-Storing Quality?

1. Buy Organic and Local Meats, Dairy and Fish. This will reduce risk of infestation spreading throughout your refrigerator.

2. By organizing your refrigerator, it will help fresh food last longer. Raw fish, meant, poultry and other leftovers should be in the bottom shelf; the crisper drawer should be for some fruits and vegetables, but not all of them; other fruits and vegetables should be on the top shelf; the middle shelf should be for cheeses, deli & cooked meats; and the door should be for all condiments or canned items.

Here is a nice info graphic on organizing your refrigerator:

3. Cleaning your refrigerator regularly and planning meals ahead will help you throw out expired foods more often. Planning meals helps you to purchase only the necessary foods and prevents spoilage. Always wipe down shelves before putting in new foods. Use a non toxic dish soap, warm water and a wash cloth. Creating this habit will benefit your health every day!


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