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Trending Superfoods

Top 5 Trending Superfoods

Superfoods are a special category of foods that are calorie-sparse, nutrient-dense and beneficial for overall health and well-being. They are also high in fiber, protein, enzymes, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. Today, the word "superfood" is popular in the mainstream language, most likely due to the growing public interest in health food. Some superfoods can be found in your everyday grocery store such as organic avocado's, spinach, kale, pomegranates, grapefruits. berries, nuts and seeds. However, we now have access to special foods from all over the world that certain cultures have been consuming for thousands of years. Each one has distinctive beneficial properties, incredible amounts of absorbable nutrition, and it's own unique flavor and texture. Below we have listed some of the top 5 trending superfoods that are gaining attraction across the internet.


Goji berries improtrending superfoods Goji Berriesve the immune system and increase longevity due to their powerful antioxidants. They are rich in carotenoids and other antioxidants like beta-carotene and Zeaxanthym. Zeaxanthyn is an antioxidant that absorbs blue light and protects our retina of our eyes and improves our vision and it also reduces the risk of age related macular degeneration, that is found in people over the age of 65


BTrending Superfoods Bee Pollenee Pollen has been considered to be one of the most nutrient packed foods in the world, and is often called "nature's perfect food". It is an alkaline food, loaded with minerals, antioxidants, micro-nutrients, trace elements and enzymes. Consuming bee pollen is an incredible way to balance an over acidic system. It very good source of protein, about 20-40%. It can rapidly pass directly into the blood from stomach in about 2 hours after ingesting. Bee pollen contains 18-22 amino acids including tryptophan, lysine and methionine. Amino acids nourish the brain, protect the body against disease, and play a critical role in metabolizing nutrients. Bee pollen also has an expansive array of Vitamin B complexes, Vitamins A, C, and E.


Trending Superfoods Maca PowderMaca is an adaptogenic superfood root. An adaptogen is simply a substance in our body that plays an important role in increasing the resistance of our body, energy support, boosting the immune system and reducing stress. It is rich in major minerals: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorous, sodium, and potassium. It is a good source of trace minerals: iron, zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese, tin, silicon and boron. It also contains: B-Vitamins(1,2 and 12), Vitamin C and E, over 20 fatty acids, four types of alkaloids, and 20 amino acids.


trending superfoods CoconutCoconut oil is truly a miracle product from the "tree of life". Coconut Oil consists of over 90% healthy saturated fat. Unlike long-chain saturated animal fats, Coconut oil saturated fat contains essential building blocks for cells, and healing medium-chain triglycerides to support the immune system, thyroid gland, and nervous system. Coconut oil can also be helpful in reducing weight and increasing metabolism, with short- and medium-chain fatty acids, easy digestibility, low calories, and zero cholesterol. The immune system also gets a boost from coconut oil. It contains minerals and enzymes which have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Coconut oil's lauric acid, which the body converts into monolaurin, is also a helpful nutrient in dealing with viruses and bacteria.Coconut oil can also be applied to bruises and can be useful in fighting infections, as it forms a chemical layer which protects the body from external pathogens, and can help to heal and repair damaged tissues.


trending superfoods chia seedsThese little seeds are incredibly nutritious, with significant concentrations of protein, fiber and several essential minerals. They are also high in Omega-3, antioxidants, B-Vitamins, calcium, and boron. Chia seeds are a great food for runners. Because they absorb ten times their weight in water as they expand, the water will then be released slowly and evenly into your system. This allows for maximum hydration, which is key when running long distances, during marathons or especially in high heat, where runners lose more and more fluids through their sweat. Chia seeds can increase your digestive health because they have both soluble fiber (which forms the outer gel), and insoluble fiber. Both types of fiber are healthy for the digestive system. The insoluble fiber helps cleanse the intestinal tract and the soluble fiber can act as a prebiotic and feed the good bacteria in your digestive system.

ll of our Superfood products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-irradiated, non-pasteurized and are not fortified with any additional ingredients. Most of the Superfoods that we provide are certified Organic or Wild Harvest, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-free, Kosher, and Non-GMO. Incorporating raw foods and organic superfoods into your modern lifestyle has never been easier or more satisfying, and is a great way to add extra nutrition into your daily diet at home or on-the-go. Raw foods are unprocessed foods, that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. We supply raw organic nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, that have been dehydrated at very low temperatures.
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We have found a lovely infograph about 6 new trending superfoods that have people talking! Click here to read the full article.

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